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At ESR we design sustainable solutions to waste and energy challenges. These solutions weave together engineering and ecological thinking and are deeply embedded in the economic, social, and cultural context of their application.

ESR believes our future demands closed-loop design that treats waste not as a necessary by-product, but a resource that can fuel society.

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Sustainable and Diversified Agriculture - Not Optional but Absolutely Necessary

According to current trends, experts predict that over nine billion people will inhabit our planet by the year 2050. The question naturally arises: how do we go about feeding nine billion people?

To answer this question, we turn, not to industrialized agriculture, but to an agriculture that is both sustainable and diversified.

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A Forest for Cars

A strategy to eliminate parking lot pollution using fast-growing vines. Download  PDF format

Transforming Invasive Plants into Fuel

On the use of the Chinese Tallow Tree as a feedstock for the production of bio-diesel and methanol. Download PDF Format


Rice Hull House

A Louisiana home insulated with an organic waste product. Certified by ASTM. Download PDF Format

Separation of Industrial and Automotive Residue

A means to recover valuable components from machines and cars that make it to landfill. Download PDF Format



The Mesophilic Storage and Reduction of Household Waste

Black Soldier Fly and Red Worm Bioconversion

Recycling Human Waste

Biomass Gasification

Lactic Acid Fermentation

Thermophilic Composting

A Strategy to Eliminate Soil Erosion and Agricultural Run-off in Mountainous and Hilly Areas of Vietnam

Another Way to Process Pig Waste in Vietnam


A Way to Handle an Overload of Nutrients in Pond and Lakes